You're in my ABOUT section.


My name is Iris, I'm 28 and I'm from Spain. I guess telling my pronouns is customary: but I don't really mind one or another, whatever you feel like using. I have a S.O. and they're a programmer.

I studied some computing stuff in the past (for four years), pretty much networks, maintenance of hardware and OS, office automation, some data-bases stuff and HTML/CSS. Yeah! I know my website is ugly and sounds a bit ironic but I'm a bit rusty. I hope this serves me a bit to improve/remember what I've studied. I started programming studies but left them for unrelated reasons. I kind of HATE CSS so even though I should be putting some things there instead of in HTML I'm lazy and I don't feel like doing it! But I'm aware I'm being totally messy, I swear!

I'm making this website to entertain myself and to past time, when I'm not drawing, playing video games, watching or reading stuff. And as I've said before: to try to remember how this works? And trying to improve my English.

I LOVE CATS, video games, manga/anime (even though I barely read/watch much anymore), cheap cancelled tv shows, I used to read comic books but got a bit tired of it because there are A LOT. I also like to listen to music and drawing... sometimes. Most of my time is spent playing video games anyway or browsing stuff. I also like vampires, fairies, elves, etc.

My cats are: Pollo, Dobby and Milo. I've made a page about them, go and read it if you want to know more about them! Photos included.

I'm self-taught, I've never been to an art-school and I've stopped drawing for years... more about it in the appropiate section.

Music I like? I'm not one of those whom says "I like everything" because that's a lie: I like metal, ebm, gothic rock, industrial, punk, etc. there's stuff in pop, hip-hop and electronic music I like too. But I haven't found yet anything from reggaeton or trap that I would like. You can get a better idea going to my LastFM page. If you go to my Spotify page you can find some playlists based on decades, a Halloween-themed playlist and other stuff. My favourite band is Iron Maiden.

I think there isn't anything left to say? My English is A2, but I've been told it's more around B2, however, I don't feel like taking a test and PAYING for it. My Català-Valencià-whatever is very very very rusty, don't expect me to speak it because I barely can. I speak Spanish, of course.

Thank you for passing by, have a nice day.