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Age: 4 Sex:

Although his name is Rengar (like the League of Legends character, named by my brother), we call him Pollo (chicken, chick) because his hair chest made him resemble one when he was a baby. Orange and long hair, he doesn't follow much the rule of "orange cats share the same neuron" and he's quite curious. Very talkative and acts like a little kid sometimes. He hates belly rubs, and loves playing tag and hiding behind curtains. Easily angered but quite calm otherwise; likes to greet everyone he meets when waking up.

Age: 3 Sex:

Named by my mother. Soft peach fur, blonde. Kind of crazy! Loves to jump around and climb stuff! A nice fellow nevertheless. Loves me a lot and quite talkative too. He loves to hang on my back (and my father's back). He loves the sun and sleeping in blankets even in summer... and to observe you while you're in the toilet (WEIRD!). Needs a weekly bath. Clingy. :)

Age: 1 Sex:

Short hair, colour pattern similar to Chucky. Named by my mother? My father? I don't remember. He was a stray and my brother brought him up with us because the other street cats didn't like him. Tried with shelters at first but they were full, so we accepted him at our home. :) Very calm and nice, LOVES belly rubs, round silly face, loves playing with paper balls. Mimics the other cats, he is the youngest after all. Very fussy with food! HATES shoes.

Age: he was around 12-13 years old Sex:

Colour pattern similar to Milo, short hair and a lot of fur. He was such a sweetheart! Loved sleeping with us and acted like a mother when it was bedtime, lol. He lived with us for more than a decade, since he was small. Owl face!! Very calm but a bit shy and jumpy. He liked bellyrubs sometimes... and hated them too. He gave me a scar once, but I see it as a tattoo made by him! A reminder. :)


→ Left to right: Pollo, Dobby, Milo
→ Chucky
→ Milo and Pollo