chi from chi's sweet home with a keyboard

I've made this website to keep myself entertained, de-rustify my HTML/CSS skills, talk about things, improve my English and upload some photos and drawings I make. In short, a little place for some things I like.

    Stuff I'm watching:
  • Cleopatra 2525
  • Hokuto no Ken: when boyfriend and I have time.
  • YuGiOh GX: when we have time.
  • Darling in the Franxx
  • Pingu
    • Stuff I'm reading:
  • Ghost Girl: I think it is a very silly book and I take my time reading it!
  • Lucky Star
    • Stuff I'm playing:
  • Terranigma ()
  • Tyranny - Gold Edition
  • Let's Build a Zoo
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley: I haven't been playing for days but hey, I guess I'll keep playing it at my own pace.
  • Ni no Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch: main focus since I'm playing it on Gamepass.