You're in my RESOURCES section.

There's a list of websites I recommend, although it is in Spanish for now: link.
Links to most of the following websites aren't provided for security reasons, but I recommend them. I'm not affiliated with any of them.

    Other websites I recommend:

  • GameFAQs: everyone knows this one, but still, I'm going to include it. Link.
  • Timeline of the human condition (history): link.
  • Stardew Checkup: as it names indicates, you can see how many milestones and achievements you have completed AND you have yet to complete in your Stardew Valley save. link.
  • Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music: link.
  • Introductory Reddit post for Metal subgenres: link.
  • Software
    Browsers Art software Gaming PC stuff Emulation and VM Linux
    Opera GX Krita Fightcade Notepad++ VM VirtualBox Linux Mint
    - MyPaint DS4Windows(*) 7z(*) DuckStation(*) Ubuntu
    - Gimp GOG, itchio, Steam Rufus(*) RetroArch(*) DS4DRV(*)
    - Blender FreeSO(*) DDU(*) MAME(*) -
    - Bryce Parsec(*) OpenOffice/LibreOffice - -
    - - - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - -
    - - - FreeCommander XE(*) - -